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Hawaiian Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Jelly

This clear Passionfruit jelly is absolutely heavenly. Spread it thinly on your bread French bread or French baguette is best), otherwise it might be overpowering. Passionfruit jelly makes an excellent gift for weddings, to be taken along on the honeymoon.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Hawaiian Guava Jelly

This is a clear Guava jelly, not guava jam full of pulp (which is very good in its own right). Once you try it you will come back again and again.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Papaya-Pineapple Jam

This is a typical Hawaiian combo. I have never heard of it being sold on the mainland. Be adventurous and try some.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Pineapple Jam

This jam is not a factory product made from truckloads of pineapple. Mine is made in small batches, which means that the fruit can be carefully selected. Your tastebuds will know!

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Strawberry-Guava Jam

Another typical Hawaiian combination of fruit that is sure to excite your palate. It is soooo different from the regular strawberry jam.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Jalapeno Pineapple Jam

Sweet and tangy. Amazing what a little pepper can do to sweet pineapples.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Pineapple Red Chile Sauce

A Chile Sauce tempered and enhanced to really tickle your palate.

7 oz jar     $ 5.00

Kona Coffee Mocha Syrup

A real treat for coffee lovers. Try it over ice cream first, then take it from there.

7 oz container     $ 5.00

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